What does Pty Ltd stand for?

  • What does “Pty” stand for? “Pty”, usually used in conjunction with “Ltd”, thus “(Pty) Ltd”, stands for “(Proprietary)”. “Pty” representing “Proprietary” means “private ownership”. This illustrates one of the main features of Pty Ltd Companies, that is, their shareholders are not publically declared, only their directors. Thus the ownership is private. (Only directors’ names appear on letterheads, etc.)
  • What does “Ltd” stand for? “Ltd”, as used in the designation of a private or public company, for example, either “Bilkovo (Pty) Ltd” or “Bilkovo Ltd”, stands for “Limited” and refers to the limitation on the liability of company shareholders and directors. The company is responsible for its own debts, unless the shareholders or directors sign as surety, for example.