Change the Accounting Officer of my Close Corporation

Like in all professions, you get good, bad and middle-of-the-road-type accountants.

Some accountants are lazy, late, don’t return calls, emails, etc.

Some people’s personalities also just don’t gel.

Sometimes you just need a change.

Sometimes accountants die, and you have to get another one.

Whatever your reason for doing it, you are about to change the Accounting Officer of your CC.

You can change him/her to one of our Accountants if you like, as we service clients for tax right around South Africa. Distance is no problem to us with email and airmail.

Or you can change your Accounting Officer to someone else of your choice (as long as they are qualified).

We have helped thousands of people to change their Accounting Officer.

We would be pleased to assist you with your application to change the Accounting Officer of your CC.

Contact us for more.