Asking an accounting question

The world can sometimes be quite a perplexing place.<!–In which direction is your foot headed? And on what kind of ground? –><br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;Learning is a lifelong process. “You’re never to old to learn.” “Live and learn.” Etc.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;Learning can be formal or informal, academic or experiential, personal, business, social and so on.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;Learning produces knowledge, and the ability to constructively apply and use knowledge is intelligence. Thus you can have an uneducated whizzkid and an educated fool.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;Although written information helps and is a must, valuable life and business knowledge is ultimately experience-based. How do you discover most of this useful information as you proceed through life? By asking questions.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;This Question facility allows you to draw from a vast pool of practical know-how and to get your answer back within minutes. Over 135 years of accummulative business experience spanning over 30 business-related disciplines (e.g. accounting, tax, law, management) at your fingertips. Contact us to ask your Question.