Shelf Company – Select

These are the available companies (with date of registration):

Daleris (Pty) Ltd 06062016
Ditri (Pty) Ltd 06062016
Kilkan (Pty) Ltd 02062016
Lanzid (Pty) Ltd 03062016
Lorany (Pty) Ltd 03062016
Medeny (Pty) Ltd 06062016
Ranciss (Pty) Ltd 02062016
Riftan (Pty) Ltd 02062016
Ryketi (Pty) Ltd 06062016
Sinsulor (Pty) Ltd 06062016
Warasin (Pty) Ltd 06062016

Please select your order:

1.  R795.00:     I need a Shelf Company with one on the above names.

2.  R1145.00:   I need a Shelf Company and I want to change the name.